Words from Fabio

Wars in Life
Day by day, we see and hear things that are part of the war. A war where the best ammunition and supplies must be carried to be able to move forward and survive. A war in which everyone, absolutely everyone, must fight in one way or another throughout our existence in this world if we really want to survive. The war I’m talking about is not that war of bombs, or where people are going to shoot the person that we don’t know and who has done nothing to us. The war to which I refer is that spiritual war of life that each of us has, or will have, at some point in life; that war in which we fight against the evil that stalks us, attacks us to be able to take away the provisions we have, and thus be able to defeat us. The best way to do it is to take away or steal the greatest Provision or weapon that a Christian can have. That provision or weapon is prayer – a prayer that brings us closer to God, which allows us to fill the tank of the soul; a prayer that protects us from all evil and danger, because in prayer we can do everything. That is, that through prayer, we heal the wounds of the soul, we find the true meaning to life, and we can acquire or have a very beautiful soul, and it is to be able to dialogue and see God with
eyes of faith. The prayer must be for us; like oxygen that enters the lungs, that is, fundamental. But when we abandon prayer, we make it easier for the enemy, because it is the way for him to begin to enter the depths of the soul; and once he manages to enter, the destruction of the being begins, and emotions begin to come out that take away inner peace, thus appearing emotions that produce annoyance, anger, failures, fears, attachments, etc. Emotions that are destroying our life, that of others, and very especially our relationship with God. If you have any of those emotions or others that are destroying your life, it’s time for you to give them to God one by one, with the confidence that He will be working on that life project that we have. Download all that, so that our mind and heart are light, clean for Him, others, and ourselves.
Thanksgiving and Blessings
I want to thank with all my heart all the people who have been contributing to the capital
campaign to be able to complete the projects we have (finish the basement, build a place for the relics of the saints, connect the septic well to the sewer, etc.); to the collection of each weekend, which helps us with the support of the parish; and finally, the annual collection of the Archdiocese (money that is mostly used for vocations and schools). To all of you many blessings, and may God give you his grace and many spiritual and material goods. Finally, I want to let you know that the profits of the Cinco de Mayo festival totaled $20,935, money that will be used for the capital campaign.