Sacrament Information


Anyone desiring a baptism is asked to call the office during business hours to schedule.  A one-hour baptism preparation class is required, as well as a copy of the birth certificate of the person desiring the sacrament.  For Spanish speakers, the class is generally held on the last Saturday of the month, with baptism to follow the next day, after the 12:30 pm Mass.

Link to Baptism form:  Baptism Registration Form  Please print this form, complete, and turn into the office.


First Holy Communion is scheduled for June 5, 2021 at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.  Sign-ups have been completed for First Reconciliation and First Communion Masses.  If you have questions, please call Laurie Vitek at 770-654-9707.

Please continue to practice the Act of Contrition prayer with your child.  This prayer should be memorized before time for confession.

No rehearsal has been scheduled.  There will be one pew per family, and each pew holds 8-10 people.  Parents will arrive early at the Mass, and find the pew with their child’s name on it.  The child receiving the sacrament shall be seated on the aisle, followed by parents, godparents (or sponsor) and remaining family.  Each child should bring their baptism candle, or a First Communion candle for a blessing.  There will be room for additional friends and family in the rear half of the church.

Dress:  Girls may wear a white dress and veil.  Boys can wear dark pants and a dress shirt and tie.  Boys can also wear a sport coat or suit, if they desire.  Dress shoes please, and no tennis shoes, jeans, or sandals.


Confirmation is scheduled for July 17, 2021 at 10:00 am with Bishop Ned Shlesinger.

As a reminder, please remember that your teen who is receiving Confirmation in July must make an appointment to have an interview with Father Fabio.  This is not for confession.  Please call the office during regular business hours to make an appointment to see Father before it’s time for Confirmation.  Thank you.

As of this writing (May 2021), there is no rehearsal planned for the Mass.  If this changes, we will let you know as soon as plans are announced.


Girls:  please wear a white dress or skirt, or some girls have worn white, flowy dress pants.  White is worn because it reflects your baptism vows, which you will make again as a “new adult” in the eyes of the Church.  This is a holy Mass with our Bishop.  Please keep modesty in mind, and go easy on your makeup and jewelry.  Please do not choose backless or low-cut tops, or spaghetti straps.  Please wear dress shoes that you can comfortably stand and walk in.  Any questions, please call Laurie at 770-654-9707.

Boys:  please wear dress pants, belt, socks and shoes; white dress shirt and tie.  Ties should be in good taste and not reflect memes or politics.  You may also wear a jacket or a suit if you like.