SOR Registration

2020-21 School of Religion Registration

Registration for 2020-21 Year

RCIC:  Rite of Christian Initiation for Children – reserved for children who have had no religious education classes and no sacraments; enrollment is limited – Thursdays at 6:30 – 7:45 pm

REGISTRATION:  Only sacramental prep/RCIC students mentioned above need to register.   Public registration is finished; please enroll your child on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the office.  Call Laurie at 770-654-9707 for questions or information.

All children in Year 2 classes must have been enrolled last year at St. Paul.  We will not be able to take any transferring students from other churches this year.

Parents, please continue to work with your child on the Catholic catechism and Catholic prayers at home.  It is very important to also attend Mass as a family, either online or in person.  Doing these things will help your child understand how important our faith is to you, too.  We ask for your prayers that this next year, we can welcome all children back to SOR.  Please know that I am here to help you in any way I can.  ~Laurie Vitek, DRE  770-654-9707

FORMS:  If you would like to complete your forms at home, please click on the following.  All forms must be completed for registration.

Registration Form 2020-21 – ENGLISH

Registration Form 2020-21 – SPANISH

Parent Permission Slips English

Parent Permission Slips Spanish

Sacrament Prep Calendar for 2020-21:

Tuesdays:  First Holy Communion Year 2 only

Wednesdays:  First Holy Communion Year 1 & Confirmation Year 1 (Zoom)

Thursdays:  Confirmation Year 2 & RCIC

Your child will bring home an updated calendar from SOR class.

All parents and teens should sign up for the parish app below:

Parish Phone App:  All parents or guardians are asked to download our parish app.  This is to ensure good communication with the office, especially during sacrament season or inclement weather.  This app is called MyParish.  Text APP to 88202 to download.  Then choose St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church after opening.  You will now be able to receive any announcements from SOR, including parent meetings, weather cancellations, student community service hours, etc.  Also you can receive other church notices or reminders.  The app is free.