Student Registration 2017-18

Please note:  This page contains information on registration and becoming a catechist (teacher).  Please scroll down for all items.  Thank you!



Some good little SOR boys and girls get to meet St. Nicholas!

2017-18 School of Religion

Registration for 2017-18 SOR will be held two weekends this summer; June 24 and 25 and July 29 and 30, before and after all Masses.  If this is the first time your child has registered, please bring the baptism certificate and birth certificate with you to registration.

You can also download the form below for registration and fill it out ahead of time, and drop it by the office.  Payments can be made as outlined below.

Registration Fees:  $35/per child, with a maximum of $90 per family; children receiving First Communion in 2018, or children beginning Confirmation Year 1 must also pay an additional $20 per child.  Sacramental prep for these children requires additional resources.

Payments:  Online, or by cash or check.  If there is a financial hardship in making your payment, we can set up monthly payments for you.  We ask that you put half down as a deposit, or let us know of any difficulties.  We are here to help you!


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Susan Hage and Lauren Malone, catechists

What does it take to become a catechist (teacher)?

Parents should consider volunteering in the SOR program when their children are registered.  Many people hesitate because they are afraid they “don’t know enough”.  If you are a practicing Catholic, believing in the basic tenets, or beliefs and doctrine, of the Church and attend Mass regularly, then you are qualified.  We provide teacher’s manuals which clearly set forth lesson plans.  It takes about an hour of planning to make a good lesson.  If you are not sure you can lead a class, try being an assistant. You will not believe how your own faith is enhanced, as well as being a blessing to our kids.  Parents who wish to teach or assist in the classroom do not pay tuition for their kids.

The lead teacher is responsible for the class and the lesson plans.  The assistant helps the teacher, and fills in for him/her when she cannot be in the classroom.  Many teachers and assistants work together to teach the class – we are flexible in our teaching plans!

What are the registration details for parents?

  • The tuition cost for each student is $35 per child, with a maximum of $100 per household family.  Families who are not registered with the parish, but desire religious education for their children, must pay an additional $100 per family, and only on availability.
  • First Communion and Confirmation students will also pay an additional $20 for special materials they need.
  • SOR Sessions are on Wednesdays 6:30-7:45 pm, or Sundays 11:05 am-12:20 pm (we meet when the 10:00 Mass ends).
  • If the grade you desire does not have a teacher,  please consider placing your child in the other session.  You can try it and see if it works for your schedule.  We encourage children to participate in SOR in all grades.
  • Registration forms can be picked up in the church entrance on the table, in the church office, and downloaded online.
  • We have 3 different ways to pay; cash, check or online.