Faith Formation Programs

Director of Religious Education:
Laurie Vitek (office Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons; Thursday mornings)
Office: 706-865-4474
C:  770-654-9707

Admin. Assistant:
Gina Sherman (office Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons)
Office: 706-865-4474
Email: saintpaulgina@gmail


Children’s School of Religion Tuition Rates

Note:  School of Religion Registration closed September 20, 2021.  See you next Fall!

Late Registration effective August 2, 2021 is $40 per child, with the additional sacramental fees of $20.

The fee for SOR tuition is $35 per child.  We will announce registration dates soon for 2021/22 classes.  Students receiving First Communion in 2022 have an extra fee of $20. Confirmation Year 1 students (grade 9) will also have to pay an extra $20 toward their own bibles. If this is the first time you have registered, please make sure you bring a copy of your child’s baptism certificate.  We accept checks and cash; if paying with cash, please try to have exact change.  We look forward to seeing every child at SOR!

School of Religion Grades 1-10

 Two consecutive years of good attendance at SOR and Mass is required for all sacraments.    These are:  First Holy Communion Years 1 and 2, and Confirmation Years 1 and 2.  They will be offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Adult Classes Available

Tuesday Morning Contemporary Issues 10:30 am at Our Lady of Grace Library (suspended)

We discuss interesting topics taken from the Georgia Bulletin in a casual atmosphere.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Atmosphere is casual and coffee is provided.  Contact:  Bob Cincotta 706-352-0579


Wednesday Morning Bible Study 10:00 am in the Parish Hall (suspended)

Different studies are chosen during throughout the year, and we meet every Wednesday morning in the parish hall at 10:00 am.   On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, we meet at Our Lady of Grace.  Atmosphere is casual and coffee is provided.


Sunday Adult Faith Formation (suspended)

Periodically through the year, topics of interest with DVD presentations with student workbooks are offered.  When in session, this class meets at 11:30 am on Sundays at Our Lady of Grace central classrooms.   Information on forming classes is offered in the bulletin, this website, and MyParish app.  Contact:  Kirk Broom at 832-567-7654 or


 Evening Adult Faith Formation ~ now offered occasionally on Zoom – watch for details here, app & bulletin

Periodically through the year, topics of interest are presented and discussed.  Student workbooks are offered.   Information on forming classes is offered in the bulletin, this website, and MyParish app.  Contact:  Amy Bobenhausen at 706-348-5245 or


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults at Our Lady of Grace Library

We offer an RCIA program which begins every Fall and continues through Easter.  This class presents an opportunity for those interested in becoming Catholic, and we also encourage those who would like to refresh their catechism to attend.  Classes are informal and interactive, with a focus on the Catholic Catechism, and the Church’s traditions.  We can also help you with questions on divorce or separation.  Contact:  Bob Cincotta at 706-352-0579 or Lisa Wade at 706-878-8554 for information.