Women’s Guild

Contact:  Beverly Farkus, President  706-778-6118

Please remember, every woman of this parish is already a member, and welcome to attend meetings. There are no membership fees, just fellowship and helping our parish.

  • We plan to do more to nourish ourselves in our faith.  We are looking for speakers.
  • Meeting February 10 at 10:00 am with installation of officers
  • Woman of the Year – March – names will be submitted to Father Fabio who will make final decision
  • Easter Bunny will be available for photos after Easter Masses
  • Retreat on April 14
  • Mother-Daughter Tea in May
  • Pie Sale in November
  • Wine & Cheese/Meet & Greet with Artists’ Showcase December 15/16

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Women’s Guild Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June, 2018; Saturday 10:00 am

Beverly Farkus began the meeting at 10:00 am following a prayer.

Attendees: Beverly Farkus, Iris Ling, Amy Bobenhausen, Carol Balaun, Marion Conroy, Marlene Eubanks, Jane Brown, Janice Wilson, Jan Thomas, Annie Hester 

Treasurer Report

start balance                        1762.40

fish fry deposit           +653.35

religious articles          +400.00 ( 3 deposits)

Funeral donation        +  50.00

Stipend Women’s

Retreat                     -100.00

Donation to Youth for Stubenville   -360.00

end balance                        2,405.75

Religious articles – accounts will be moved over from Women’s Guild to church account on July 1st. Archdiocese sent a letter on how religious articles need to be managed but Carol thinks that the way our church religious articles work is run with all donations, etc. is more complicated that how the letter lays it out. Carol requested for funds to buy 2 banners and a stand that will cost around $100. Carol also ordered Father’s Day drink koozies – $100.50 for 250 pieces. There should be enough for both Anglo and Hispanic church members.

April’s Women’s Retreat –good outcome (20 attendees) and positive feedback about thespeaker were received.  The ladies who attended said that we should have her again next time. Everyone got to be a part of the conversation. Jane Brown (organizer) thought it could not have gone any better. The only thing that needs improvement is the need for a microphone.

Mother’s Day tea –overall cost was $158.70 for decorations and miscellaneous. Attendees had a good time including the kids. Donated food, loaned photo booth accessories and tea sets were greatly appreciated. The music was very enjoyable. The pictures taken by Candina were beautiful. The only thing to work on was the mix up in emailed pictures.


Forum on Positive Speaking- based on Archbishop Wilton’s article entitledA Lenten Challenge to Fast from Hurtful Speech. Beverly sent invite letters for several people to speak at the forum. Five church members have responded- MaryRuth Jones, Amy B. Mary Roberts, Laurie Vitek. The Parish hall is reserved for June 20thfor this forum from 7 to 9 pm. The invited speakers will have about 2 minutes to share how it benefits them to be positive, to remind everyone tocount their blessings. Refreshments (desserts) are needed.

July meeting –Vintage Blessings visit to check out antiques and then eat lunch.

August meeting – Watch a movie; choices are Oceans 8

October 6 – Fall Festival

Nov 17-18 – Pie Sale already on the calendar

December  1– Newcomer’s Dinner

Dec. 15-16 – Cookie Walk

Future Speakers:

Book signing – Victoria Loggins – plan to have it after masses, during the Newcomers’ Dinner, or after the Knight’s Dinner

Linda Leasure – may talk about spiritual pilgrimages. She travels all around the world and might be a good idea to hear her stories.

Janet Fain Morgan – psychologist; reinforce positivity


Rosary Guild – always in need of things. Rosaries are sent to different places ~ hospitals, religious school, etc. A request was sent to them for rosaries with Hispanic prayers.

Ministries’ Meeting – June 13th Wednesday at 7 pm; different ministries’ leaders meet and update everyone. Ministries’ needs and requests are reported to Fr. Fabio

Family Promise – June 24th-July 1st; Amy will be signing people up for meals and overnight personnel. The church will be opened for maximum of 14 people.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer.

Submitted by Iris Ling (Copies will be sent to Beverly B., Amy B., Laurie Vitek)


Minutes for April 7, 2018; Saturday 10:00 am

Beverly Farkus began the meeting at 10:00 am following a prayer.

Attendees: Beverly Farkus, Iris Ling, Amy Bobenhausen, Carol Balaun, Marion Conroy, Marlene Eubanks,Jane Brown, Vivian Overn, Jan Thomas, Candina Butcher, Jessica Daniel

Treasurer Report

start balance     2,399.59    end balance       1,762.40

Discussions about Mothers’ Day – Mother/Daughter Tea Party:

It was agreed upon that the event would be held on May 12, 2018. It will be called Mother’s Day Tea to encourage mothers to invite whoever are important to them.

Iris Ling, Jessica Lammers, and Candina Butcher agreed to organize the event. Candina will also provide photography services to include 1 free photo of the attendees and their families.

Centerpieces will be provided by Carol Balaun and will be used as table prizes. Beverly will ask other women from church to lend their tea sets for the event as well as to donate food items and tea bags.

For Mother’s Day gift, ideas included bath soaps, bath bombs, antique handkerchiefs, and flower seeds and pots. Jessica and Candina will take care of items for kids’ crafts. Flyers will be added in the church weekly bulletin to announce the events. A poster will also be displayed outside the church. After mass sign-up sheet will be available two weeks before the event.

Decorations and other miscellaneous items will be purchased as needed and reimbursed by the Women’s Guild.

Fish Fry profit – Women’s Guild received $635 from this event. Beverly asked have asked the members to vote on donating a portion of this share to the teen group who have worked very hard as well as very willingly and happily every week. It was agreed upon to donate $360 for the teen retreat scholarship.

Submitted by Iris Ling (Copies will be sent to Ewa, Beverly, Laurie Vitek)


Minutes for Feb. 10, 2018
 Meeting began following opening prayer.
Attending were Beverly Farkus, Amy Bobenhausen, Jane Brown, Jan Thomas, Carol Balaun, and Marion Conroy.
Jane Brown was asked if she would consider the position of Vice President. She asked if she could think about it.
Installation of Officers was done by Marion Conroy.
Treasurer’s report:  Amy Bobenhausen reported a beginning balance of $2169.67. Expenses were $100 to Outreach and $467.08 for Religious Articles. Income of $329.00 for Religious Articles sales and $468.00 for the cookie walk resulting in an ending balance of $2399.59.
Treasurer’s report was approved.
Carol Balaun reported that she is okay right now for the Religious Articles closet. She has not yet received her Confirmation order but thinks she has enough for Confirmation. She said she has found some items missing from the closet. Possibly has been sold but not itemized.
After discussion it was decided to return to having monthly meetings. Possibly consider every other month having a short meeting and then going to lunch or some other fun activity.
Also had a discussion on length of time in office and the opinion was 3 years.
Beverly stated we need more help with the activities particular clean up. It was suggested that a notice be put in the bulletin requesting this help.
Carol Balaun asked for volunteers to make soup for the Fish Fry meals. She has the list of volunteers.
Jane Brown gave a report on the Women’s Retreat scheduled for April 21, 2018. It will be from 10 am to 2pm. Speaker will be Keri Allen, former Director of Adult Education, Cathedral of Christ the King.
Invitations will be sent to Women of neighboring parishes  This will all be presented to Fr. Fabio for approval. A flyer will be prepared for the bulletin, the bottom will be the return for RSVP.
A stipend of $100 was discussed for the speaker.
Beginning May, 2014 til current, Our Lady of Grace Rosary Makers has made and distributed, 6195 rosaries .
Minutes of the January meeting were read and approved.
A devotional was presented by Jane Brown, preparing for Lent by a  physical exam of our spiritual soul.
Following prayers for special intentions, meeting was adjourned.
Next meeting will be March 10.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Thomas.

2018-19 Officers

President:  Beverly Farkus; beverlyfarkus@yahoo.com, 706-778-6118

Vice-President:  (open)

Secretary:  Iris Ling

Treasurer:  Amy Bobenhausen


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