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“Lord, give us generous hearts that will glorify you!” What we do at St. Paul’s Matters!”

 What we do at St. Paul Matters!

Stewardship is much more than a few church-related activities. It’s making a choice, one small step at a time, to acknowledge our dependence on God for all we have and all we are. As a steward at St. Paul’s, we recognize that everything we have and everything we love is only on loan from God. We use our time, talent and treasure gifts from God to serve others for His Glory. It is in giving, after all, that we receive.

If you are interested in joining St. Paul’s Stewardship Council, contact Darrel Chaney at 770-715-1599 or email me at  Also, I would like all the current members of the Stewardship Council to contact me to confirm their participation in 2016.  Thanks!  ~Darrel

Plan Your Will Online:

The Catholic Foundation has made the process of planning your Will simple.  Please go to and click on “Plan Your Will.”  The site is free, confidential and will give you and your spouse a chance to plan in the privacy of your home.  When done, simply print out the document to take to your attorney.  This will save you time and money. Fulfill your dreams of stewardship through an act of faith through your Will.  For more information contact:  Juliet Greco at The Catholic Foundation: or 404-497-9440.


Archbishop’s Annual Appeal 2017 – “You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”

Dear Parish Family – Thank you for your continued generous participation in the 2017 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal. It is very important that your pledges are completed so that together, our parish will reach and, hopefully, exceed our goal.  Once the pledge payments have surpassed our goal, ALL OF THE ADDITIONAL FUNDS are returned to our parish for use in our ministries.

Parish Goal                         $29,800.00

Amount Paid & Pledged   $21,304.00

Remaining Balance of Pledges        $18,097.00

Remaining Balance of Parish Goal  $8,496.00

Please visit for more information. Or contact Darrel Chaney at 770-715-1599 to donate.

Your Life Matters!  Darrel Chaney, St. Paul Stewardship