Respect Life

White County Chapter Leader:  Antonella Skinner 954-330-8821


Mourning the Lives of 55 Million Children…through 40 years of Abortion

October, 2020

Respect Life Activities

Educating:  The Respect Life Ministry conducts four quarterly educational events for the parish and community.  Recent topics have included Natural Procreative Technology and exposing Planned Parenthood’s war on women.

Informing:  The Respect Life Ministry keeps parishioners up to date on pro-life topics, such as abortion, contraception, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research; how the Church leadership assists in building a society based on the “culture of life”.

Activating:  The Respect Life Ministry co-sponsors and coordinates the local observance of the Annual National Life Chain Sunday in October.  At this event, we gather around the square in Cleveland with people of many faiths to prayerfully serve and defend the lives of unborn children, witness the sanctity of life and protest abortion.

Spirituality:  The Respect Life Ministry sponsors the annual Pro-Life Rosary and Mass on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, January 22.

Time & Talent Offerings

Talent – What can you offer?  Let us know!  Conduct a self-assessment of your talents.  Do you have a little time to help your parish?

  • Are you a passingly good public speaker (keeping in mind conviction is more effective than elocution abilities)?
  • Can you create flyers?
  • Are you a “people person”?
  • Can you pray?
  • Can you just lend a hand?

Time – as much or as little as you can offer:

  • Monthly ministry meetings – 1 hour
  • Assisting with quarterly educational events; planning, publicizing and helping on the day
  • Annual Life Chain on the Square
  • Roe vs. Wade Memorial Rosary and Mass


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