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Lectors are the readers of scripture during Mass. Reading from the Word of God is central to the Catholic Mass and when it is done properly, effectively communicates God’s grace and love to everyone in the church.

Speaking the Word of God is a challenge and a blessing. We must prepare ahead of time and understand the bible readings in order to reach our brothers and sisters minds and hearts. When we take the time to practice we are blessed ourselves and are more involved in the Mass.

Requirements include being a registered parishioner; being a confirmed Catholic and in good standing with the Church; a practicing Catholic and actively involved in the life of the Parish; able to speak and articulate clearly; a person committed and prepared to proclaim the Word of God.

If you are interested in becoming a Lector, we welcome you!  Please contact the Coordinator at the top of this page.

Readers for all Masses are published in the bulletin a week in advance, and also can be viewed on this website link, Weekly Bulletin.

Daily Readings can be accessed by direct link from the home page of this website, right-hand column.  Simply click on Daily Readings, and you will be taken to the current date.   Also, you can access any other dates there.