Aramatheans Funeral Ministry

Coordinator:  Jan Thomas  706-878-0136


This ministry, based on Mark 15:42-47 where Joseph of Arimatheia took responsibility for the burial of Jesus, was started by folks saw the need to see to our brothers and sisters on their way to Eternity.
By simply being there, you can be Christ to others in their time of difficulty. No one should walk that
final mile alone. It was noted, especially in communities where there were seniors, that few family
and friends were able to attend the funeral Mass for them. Parishioners banded together to form the
“Arimatheans” who would attend Mass to honor the departed.

If you have been wanting to be part of a ministry here at St Paul, maybe this is the one for you. No meetings, just the ability to attend a few services a year to comfort the family of the deceased and see our brother/sister Home by filling a few pews and lending your voices in song and prayer. Contact Jan Thomas at or 706 878 0136.